CLIP-as-service follows semantic versioning. However, before the project reach 1.0.0, any breaking change will only bump the minor version. An automated release note is generated on every release. The release note includes features, bugs, refactorings etc.

This chapter only tracks the most important breaking changes and explain the rationale behind them.

0.4.0: rename rerank concept to rank#

“Reranking” is a new feature introduced since 0.3.3. This feature allows user to rank and score document.matches in a cross-modal way. From 0.4.0, this feature as well as all related functions will refer it simply as “rank”.

0.2.0: improve the service scalability with replicas#

This change is mainly intended to improve the inference performance with replicas.

Here is the short benchmark summary of the improvement (replicas=4):

batch_size before after
1 23.74 18.89
8 58.88 30.38
16 14.96 91.86
32 14.78 101.75