Host on Google Colab#

As Jina is fully compatible to Google Colab, CLIP-as-service can be run smoothly on Colab as well. One can host clip_server on Google Colab by leveraging its free GPU/TPU resources and open up to 4 replicas of ViT-L/14-336px. Then you can send request from local to the server for embedding, ranking and reasoning tasks.

Specifically, the architecture is illustrated below:


Open the notebook on Google Colab

Please follow the walk-through there. Enjoy the free GPU/TPU to build your awesome Jina applications!


Hosing service on Google Colab is not recommended if you server aims to be long-live or permanent. It is often used for quick experiment, demonstration or leveraging its free GPU/TPU. For stable, please deploy the CLIP model on your own server.